Welcome to the GOODHOME, come on in, put your feet up, stay awhile...


We're not a chain - we're a group of pubs with an eye for the different and the delicious. Each and every one of the GOODHOMEs has a flavour all of its own and the only similarities you'll notice when you visit us are the enticing array of drinks at the bar, the tempting treats on the menu and the smiles of the friendly folk who'll serve them to you.

Even though it’s hard to define what HOME means to everyone, there is something it does share. It’s a feeling. A feeling of comfort, the place you can finally let out your breath, relax, unwind and be at ease. We’ve aimed to recreate this feeling at each one of our GOODHOMEs by fashioning spaces for you to feel at ease in and call your own. Spaces to relax; hang with a bunch of friends or the GOOD crew from the office. It’s about lunch with no plans for the afternoon; it’s a cocktail or two after five; an easy dinner with the family or a beer while watching the code.


There is a place like HOME.

The goodhome
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60 Years of Steinlager - Special Edition

60 Years of Steinlager - Special Edition

Try the delicious New 60th Anniversary Special Edition Steinlager Black at The Goodhome. Dark and mysterious in colour yet bright and crisp in flavour. Check out your local Goodhome website or Facebook page for information on upcoming tastings & events.

From jamaica With Love

From jamaica With Love

Appleton Estate has over 265 years of expertise in the art of making Rum. Crafted in the heart of Jamaica, their Rum is hand blended, full-bodied and aged to perfection. Head down to your local Goodhome to experience their fine work & details on tastings.

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If you like the idea of owning and operating a Good Home, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be in GOOD company alongside a bunch of passionate individuals like yourself amongst our network in New Zealand. Check out the rest of our website, visit some venues and enjoy a GOOD time as you think about your next steps. When you’re ready to start, just download the application form and get it to us!

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